Verse Farm

Welcome to the Verse Farm,

Each episode of Verse Farm is five minutes long and features the work of a single poet.

Verse Farm 1
Our inaugural episode of Verse Farm features a mix of five poems from west coast punk diva Meri St. Mary. Also see the pair of internet only poems.

Verse Farm 2
Jill Marlene reads from her forthcoming collection of poetry – The Crucible Womb of Changing Hearts.

Verse Farm 3
Tom Townsley reads a cycle of three Oneida Lake poems – a mix of words, sound and music. (5:00) Also see four stand-alone poems.

Verse Farm 4
Poet Marlene Azoulai reads three poems, a memorable mix of words, sounds and music. Poem titles: Mental Dis-order, Blood Love, and Mute.

Verse Farm 5
Elise Rosen reads a group of five, untitled poems, a mix of words, sounds and music. Also hear three additional poems from Elise.